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Make Money While Travel

This course is designed to help you maintain a living while you are traveling the world.  Learn how to leverage of your social media following in ANY niche. 

Learn how to make 10,000 US$ (AND MORE!) in one hour!

1 Course – 30 Lectures – 1 hr


Learn how to stay safe while traveling as a solo female traveler! Learn how to protect yourself and learn about the most common scenarios you will find yourself in while traveling and practice your awareness.

Suitable for man as well! 

1 Course – 81 Lectures – 2.5 hrs

Free Resources

Free E-Mail Series: 5-Day Travel Preparation

You are invited to a 5-day email series which will help you to get started and support you on all the hurdles (which we bet you didn’t think of! ), but may come up for you before and during your travels.

But those won’t stop you right? Kick those hurdles in the back end and be prepared! Sign up now – it’s totally free!


Free Course: Grow IG Followers

Learn how to grow your IG following rapidly and organically with real followers who are interested in what you are doing. 

Get your free 10 quick video lessons right here. 

FREE Video: Protect Yourself

Learn about the 4 most common scenarios which happen on the road while traveling.

Be a smart traveler, learn how to identify red flags early and learn how to defend yourself. 

  • Someone attacks you from behind                   
  • Someone attacks you from the front
  • Attacker strangles you against the wall
  • Attack from behind, hand pressed on mouth


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